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Hello everyone I know it's Christmas time. I think all of you are ready for Christmas 2019. I wish that Jesus will fulfill all your wishes on this Christmas
For Christmas time I have written an essay on Christmas
Christmas is a yearly festival which is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ, on December 25 by most people in the world. A few parts of Eastern Christians use the Julian system which marks it on January 7 on the Gregorian calendar, which is December 25 as indicated by their calendar. Armenian Churches have been celebrating Christmas on January 6 even before the Gregorian calendar started. Most Armenian Christians still use the Gregorian calendar and observe Christmas on January 6. In spite of all the controversies around the date, Christmas is regarded as a religious and social festival among the people all over the world. It is the major Christian festival of the year.
The Nativity accounts of Matthew and Luke are noticeable in the accounts and early Christian authors recommended different dates for the start of this festival. The first recorded Christmas festivity was in Rome in the year 336. Christmas assumed a job in the Arian debate of the fourth century. In the early Middle Ages, it was dominated by Epiphany. However, it regained its popularity after the year 800, when Charlemagne was delegated as the head on Christmas Day.
Today, most Christians celebrate on December 25 in the Gregorian calendar, which has been received generally in the common calendars used by nations all through the world. Be that as it may, some Eastern Christian Churches observe this festival on December 25 of the more seasoned Julian timetable, which right now relates to January 7 in the Gregorian calendar. This isn’t a difference over the date of Christmas all things considered, but instead, an inclination of which schedule should be used to decide the day that is December 25. In the Council of Tours of 567, the Church, with its craving to be general announced the twelve days among Christmas and Epiphany to be one bound together festal cycle.
Christmas Day is associated with a number of celebrations all over the world including numerous people who are generally non-Christian. In some non-Christian regions, times of previous provincial guideline presented the festival such as Hong Kong. In others, Christian minorities or remote social impacts have driven people to celebrate this festival. Nations, for example, Japan, where Christmas is prevalent in spite of there being just a few Christians, have embraced huge numbers of the common parts of Christmas, for example, present giving, decorations, and Christmas trees.
Countries which do not celebrate It:
Countries in which Christmas is certainly not a formal festival include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, with the exception of Hong Kong and Macau, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates among others. However, with the changing times, even people from these countries have started to celebrate this festival.
Christmas in India:
India has a substantial population of Christians. Moreover, being a secular country, festivals of all religions are celebrated with equal charm and anxiety. Christmas is not different from festivals celebrated in India. People from all religions and faith celebrate it. Schools organise special assemblies in order to make children aware of the importance of this festival. People decorate their homes and give gifts to children.
The activity of decorating the trees on this day has a long history. In the fifteenth century, it was recorded that in London it was the custom at Christmas for each house and all the area temples to be “decked with holm, coves and ivy which at all the period of the year stood to be green”. The heart-moulded leaves of ivy were said to symbolize the coming to earth of Jesus, while holly was viewed as a defence against witches. Its red berries and thistles represent the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus at the execution and the blood he shed.
The Christmas tree was first used by German Lutherans in the sixteenth century, with records demonstrating that such a tree was put in the Cathedral of Strassburg in 1539, under the administration of the Protestant Reformer, Martin Bucer. The Moravians put lit candles on those trees. When finishing the Christmas tree, numerous people put a star at the highest point of the tree symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem, a reality recorded by The School Journal in 1897.
In the nineteenth century, it wound up prominent for individuals to likewise place an angel on the top of a tree. This was intended to symbolize the angels referenced in the records of the Nativity of Jesus. The Christmas tree is considered by some as Christianisation of agnostic convention and custom surrounding the Winter Solstice, which combined the use of evergreen limbs, and an adjustment of agnostic tree worship.
Traditional Cuisine:
Depending on the regions, there are different traditional cuisines on this day. A few regions have exceptional suppers for Christmas Eve, for example, Sicily, where 12 sorts of fish are served. In the United Kingdom and nations impacted by its customs, a standard dinner incorporates turkey, goose or other expansive flying creature, sauce, potatoes, vegetables, now and again bread and juice. Extraordinary treats are likewise arranged, for example, pudding, mince pies, nutty surprise and Yule log cake
Santa Claus:
Santa Claus is one of the key parts of the celebrations of Christmas. As per the legend, Santa Claus gives gifts to good children on the eve of Christmas which is the night of the 24th December. Children sleep early on this day hoping to get a gift from Santa Claus when they get up the next morning. They also keep cookies and milk near their beds for the Santa and a carrot for the reindeer of the Santa on which he rides as a part of the tradition. The popular poem Jingle Bells celebrates the coming of Santa to give away the gifts.
Christmas is such a festival which is celebrated by people from all religions and faith worldwide despite it being a Christian festival. It is the essence of this festival which unites the people so much. We should learn the importance of such unity from this festival and despite our religious differences; we should all celebrate the festivals together. Festivals are probably a medium which has the power to keep people united for the betterment of mankind.

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